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let’s see.  after unstaged (which was much better than i remembered - all of the horrible distracting stuff was only in two songs, even though those songs were GOOD SONGS THAT DIDN’T DESERVE THAT - and i met the awesome exosnacktime there!) I think there was just a lot of weirdness involving my windshield getting broken on Friday?  It was just a piece of flying who-knows-what, and it’s fixed now, but it was pretty upsetting at the time because I didn’t know if the insurance would cover it.  And over the weekend while I was waiting for the replacement windshield, the crack KEPT GROWING O_O

did i mention that I got a full refund from Amazon?  Because I did!  They now have Mercury and Moon at epcot, so now I’m like “what do????”  I’ve pretty much saved up completely for Pokémon in November, so now I’m probably going to hunt around for interesting things on clearance and then see what I feel like saving for next. :O  I might just get Mercury and Venus, I might get something else, who knows at this point.

speaking of what those things on clearance would be for, I think I’m finally going to replace my generic pyramid profile pic.  just need to go through these pictures first.

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だいじょばない (I’m Not Okay) | Perfume

どんなことも 夢見てるみたい
"Every little thing feels like I’m dreaming,"
映画のような 完璧なストーリー
"A perfect story straight out of a movie,"
キミのホント 見せてはくれないの?
"Won’t you show me the true you?"
だいじょうぶかな? うんだいじょうぶだよ
"Are you okay? Yeah I’m okay."

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